Physical Therapy for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime


A smart physical therapy platform breaking the time and location boundaries of traditional physical therapy via motion sensors and real-time exercise analyzes

Simple Doctor Dashboard

Quickly see how your patients are progressing through their therapy.

Interactive Patient App

Guides patients through therapy and gives feedback to them.

Mobile Patient Monitoring

Convenient access into each patients’ results from your smart phone.

Create Custom Protocols

Standardized care for each diagnosis group with the flexibility to modify as needed.

Meet Physhome

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Mobile - Easy - Efficient Treatment


Physhome Advantages

Covering not only the simple exercises but more complicated ones.

Provides a more comprehensive and inclusive treatment process.

Portable device that can be applied to multiple parts of body

For insurance companies, we provide preventive treatments to ensure that the patient is fully recovered and that future costs are avoided.

Doctor UI

  • Control and track treatment processes
  • Minimize the costs resulting from repeating sessions and surgeries
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Create individualized treatment for each patient
  • Intercept the treatment of patient in an emergency situation

Patient UI

  • Easy & Mobile Way To Make Your Exercises; from anywhere and anytime
  • Allows your doctor to track and observe your performance via smart system
  • Provides Instructive illustrations, Audiovisual, simultaneous feedback regarding treatment
  • Minimizes the injury risk to minimum
  • Accelerates the healing process


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